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Emergency Maternity Shelter Program (EMS)

Emergency Maternity Shelter Program (EMS)

The Emergency Maternity Shelter Program was created to assist pregnant women with or without children at any given moment throughout the year. This program is modeled from Casa Teresa’s Residential Program, but tailored to fit emergency needs for these women.

Located a few blocks away from the main campus, this program is designed to meet all of the needs of this severely marginalized population. The main parts of the campus is a community home for up to 11 pregnant women without children and a duplex for two pregnant women with children. A resident may stay in the program through three 30-day phases. Each phase will assess her current situation, offer case management and evaluate her options for permanent housing or other programs. If a resident qualifies, she may be accepted into the Parenting Program on our main campus.

Offering a safe, loving and structured environment, supportive staff members assist the women with various services as a bridging mechanism to achieve the goal of becoming self-sufficient and breaking the cycle of homelessness. Assistance is given through case management, counseling, vocational and educational case management, life skills classes, prenatal and parenting classes, and health screening and assessment.


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