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Our Programs

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Our Programs

VanessaH 004Emergency Maternity Shelter Program (EMS)

The Emergency Maternity Shelter Program was created to assist pregnant women with or without children at any given moment throughout the year. This program is modeled from Casa Teresa’s Residential Program, but tailored to fit emergency needs for these women.

Located a few blocks away from the main campus, this program offers support to meet  the needs of this severely marginalized population. There is a community home for up to 11 pregnant women without children. A resident may stay in the program through three 30-day phases. Each phase will assess her current situation, offer case management and evaluate her options for permanent housing or other programs. If a resident qualifies, she may be accepted into the Parenting Program on our main campus.


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Emergency Family Shelter

The Emergency Family Shelter (EFS) is an additional component of our EMS Program. The EFS duplex accommodates two pregnant women with children. Children who enter the program with their mothers and are not enrolled in school will be registered during their stay. The program director and case managers ensure these children continue their education when they exit the program.

Welcoming a New Family Member

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Many of our Casa Teresa family members come in with a few bags of personal belongings and history of traumatic pasts.  They arrive a little fearful and uncertain. They’ve often not known or experienced the warmth of a safe, loving and nurturing environment.  That changes the moment they walk through the doors of Casa Teresa.

As each new family member enters into the Parenting Program, she is given a shared room with a kitchen and bath and host of personal touches such as new towels and toiletries. Prior to delivery, each expectant mom is then given a private room where she may stay for up to two months after the birth of her baby.

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Parenting Program

The women in the Parenting Program find a loving and nurturing, yet structured environment where they can begin to address their barriers toward self-sufficiency. Many women entering the program struggle with self-doubt and trust issues. At Casa Teresa, they will find loving, supportive staff members who will help them gain integrity and self-confidence in their reach towards self-sufficiency. Assistance is given through individual and group intensive case management, vocational and educational case management and guidance, mental health screening, assessment and on-site prenatal healthcare. Our moms work closely with Casa Teresa’s program director and dedicated case managers offer individual sessions providing much needed structure and accountability.

Casa Teresa moms may stay in the Parenting Program up to two months after the birth of their baby.

Afterwards, most wish to continue their development and apply to our ‘Transformation Program.’

Transformation Program

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A Casa Teresa mom (in the Parenting Program) may apply for the Transformation Program when her baby is two months old. This program focuses on preparing these mothers to become self-sufficient within 2 transitional years. Our case managers work individually with the residents to prepare them for independent living. During this time, residents must be attending school or job training full-time.

Our moms must also address addiction issues, past legal troubles, secure reliable daycare and establish attainable goals. This phase of the program encourages our new mothers to make intelligent and progressive steps toward independence, while being provided with a safety net of a healthy living environment and ongoing support.

The Transformation Program (Phase I & II) facilities are located next door to the main Parenting Building. Transformation I offers a communal-style living in a six-bedroom house and can hold up to six women and their babies. Transformation II is a six-unit apartment building, which also accommodates six women and their babies.

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Adoption Program – Hannah’s House

 The decision to place a child with an adoptive family is a deeply personal choice. At Hannah’s House, Casa Teresa family members feel at home with others who share their experience and understand their challenges. The program is unique; unlike many other maternity homes in Southern California, Hannah’s House addresses the specific physical and emotional needs of birth mothers. Because the program is not affiliated with any adoption agency or legal practice, residents are supported in making the healthiest choice for themselves and their infants free from any pressure or outside influence. Hannah’s House provides a viable alternative for many women who have no one to turn to and nowhere to go.

Hannah’s House offers an apartment unit that accommodates two residents at a time. Women are permitted to stay up to two months following the birth, ensuring the birth mother has time to safely process the grief that can arise during the adoption process by working closely with our on-site psychologist and case manager.

Hannah’s House Offers:

  • Advocacy – Residents are linked with pre-screened adoption agencies
  • Emotional Well-Being – In recognition of the special circumstances the woman who places her baby for adoption faces, intensive case management is provided to ensure her emotional well-being
  • Perinatal Care – The on-site perinatal nurse provides health assessments, instructional classes and healthcare
  • Intensive Case Management – Individual and group intensive case management is provided
  • Case Management – Case managers provide guidance with setting goals, addressing addictions and career planning
  • Life Skills Classes – Residents attend classes on financial management, domestic violence prevention, self-esteem building, career planning and computer literacy